The images for diamond products need to be high quality and resolution. The primary image must be on a white background and the images can only show the product customers will receive.

Required Dimensions/Specifications & Accepted Values for Diamonds:

For all diamond products, the item description needs the have all the the following dimensions listed with one of the accepted values. Please check the chart below to make sure your description of the product being sold meets these qualifications.


Examples of Accepted Values


Black, Blue, Brown, Champagne, Chocolate, Colorless D-F, Colorless Diamond, Faint Yellow K-M, Gray, Green, Near Colorless G-J, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


I2-I3, Vs2,, Vs1, I1-I2, I2, Si1, I1, I3, Vs1-Vs2, Si1-Si2, Si2


Pear, Radiant, Cushion, Emerald, Round, Heart, Asscher, Princess, Oval, Marquise

Total Carat Weight:

A number with up to 12 digits allowed to the left of the decimal point and 4 digits allowed to the right of the decimal point

Metal Type:

14K Gold, Gold-over-Bronze, Gold Plated, Gold-over-Brass, Copper, Platinum Plated, Gold Tone, Gun Metal Tone, Bronze, 10K Gold, Pewter, Brass, Cobalt, Gold-over-Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, 18K Gold, Platinum, Resin, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate, Silver Tone, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten, Vermeil, Bonded-Gold-and-Silver, Nickel, Gold and Silver