DO's of Product Description

  • DO use proper punctuation, grammar and avoid using misspelled words.
  • DO start new sentences in product descriptions with capitalization.
  • DO describe the use/function of the product, as well as any differentiating features.
  • DO include details such as warranty info (if applicable), height/weight, accessories, etc.
  • DO include information for personalized items. Please see: Personalization and Gifting
  • DO note that customers must be 18 or older to purchase any Sexual Wellness deals. Please also see our general Sexual Wellness Guidelines.
  • DO include the ingredients and nutritional facts of all food products.
  • DO include an ingredient list, nutritional facts, and if the product’s claims were evaluated by the FDA.
  • DO include blade length of knives. If it is greater than 4 inches, the description must state, “Product does not ship to New York state.

DON'Ts of Product Description

  • DO NOT use exclamation points or any other punctuation that isn't a comma, period, or colon.
  • DO NOT use HTML, links or embedded images. If pasting description from a different source, use "Paste as Plain Text".
  • DO NOT use words that are entirely capitalized, or entirely lowercase (except when branded as such).
  • DO NOT use rhetorical questions, vague or unsubstantiated claims, and references to other websites.
  • DO NOT include your website, phone number, or email in the product description.
  • DO NOT include information not specific to the product being listed (such as merchant information, shipping information, or ancient history factoids).