Musical Instruments

Required Information

  • Product dimensions and sizes

  • Set/bundle/package contents

  • Left-hand vs. right-hand use

Recommended Style Guidelines

  • Brand information

  • Notable accessories (number of pieces, types of strings, padded case, strap, etc.)

  • Materials (if applicable)

  • Appropriate age range (if applicable)


Required Information

  • Materials/fabric (if applicable)

  • Assembly required

  • Product dimensions/scale (if applicable)

  • Age range

  • Battery requirements and if included (if applicable)

  • Any required regulatory disclosures including those made by the CPSC related to choking hazards

Recommended Style Guidelines

  • Factual product descriptions; do not use humor

  • Correct brand capitalizations (e.g. LEGO or K-NEX)

  • Intent of toy (educational, creative, etc.)

  • Benefits of toy, if applicable (e.g. learn the alphabet, practice problem solving, etc.)

  • Lights or sound capabilities

  • Parental involvement levels

  • Weight limit (if applicable)