Attached is an Excel sheet of all of the category options for Goods Marketplace on Gateway, and where those categories will be placed on the Groupon Site. The MRT is the category that you will choose in the Groupon Goods Marketplace Gateway when creating your products. The CFT is the place where it will be listed on There can be up to six CFTs, meaning that your product will show up in six different categories placements within 

To help you find the best category for your product, hit Ctrl + F (if you're on a Windows PC) or Command + F (if you're on a Mac PC) and copy and paste a keyword that describes your product into the search bar (e.g shoes, shirt, baseball, and so on). Hit enter and it will pull up any category with this language. If nothing comes up, try a more general search for your product.  If nothing still comes up then you may have a non-listed category. Open a ticket here for questions on non-listed product categories so that we can help you find the best category for your product.

When looking at this list, please note that the categories are in alphabetical order starting with the first category then going to the second, third, and fourth and One Category can map to 2 or more customer-facing sections This list is subject to change every quarter.

Please find the Excel file attached below.