In an ongoing effort to provide the best assortment and user experience for our customers, we're working on improving the accuracy and detail of information on products listed on our platform. Providing customers with the best product information allows purchasing with confidence, reducing returns and cancellations. Consistent with that goal, we’re requiring all merchants to provide Product Identifiers for products submitted for sale on Groupon Marketplace.

Groupon Goods Marketplace does not permit listings on our marketplace without an assigned UPC, EAN, ISBN or ITF. There are no routes by which exceptions to this rule can be granted.

Generally, all manufacturers should be able to furnish one of these codes. If you are not able to find this information on your own, you may need to reach out to your manufacturer or wholesaler.

   UPC Guidelines

Some categories have specific Product Identifier requirements that merchants must follow when creating products. 

  • UPC’s must follow the GS1 standard of 12 characters, 13 characters for EAN’s and ISBN's, and 14 characters for ITF's.

  • UPC’s must match the specific product listed. The use of false, incorrect, or non-conforming UPC’s is grounds for product rejection. Habitual submission of incorrect information may be grounds for merchant suspension.

  • UPC’s purchased from third party providers may not link to your product properly after purchase. Ensure that you’re purchasing your UPC’s from a legitimate provider. We have no control over product/UPC information matching and will reject mismatches.