SLA Standards for Merchant Performance 

In our continued effort to create the best customer experience, please ensure that all procedures are being followed accurately. The following are five key areas of order fulfillment where Groupon Goods Marketplace SLAs require compliance. Being non-compliant in any of these areas reflects poorly on your performance and could result in suspension of your account or other actions. Below is a breakdown of those SLAs and guidance regarding them.

Tracking Upload

  • Tracking needs to be uploaded by the order due on date assigned to each order based on your Account Shipping SLA. This lets the customer know that their order is being processed and shipped.

    • Tracking needs to be uploaded by 5pm CT of the stated order due date in Commerce Interface.

      • Orders that drop after 5pm CT will be considered next business day[ex. If your SLA is 1 day, and an order drops to CI at 7pm on Monday, tracking for that order will be due by 5pm on Wednesday].

      • Orders that are placed on Friday before 5pm will need tracking uploaded by 5pm CT on Monday (with a 1 day SLA).

      • Orders placed after 5pm CT on Friday will need tracking uploaded by 5pm CT Tuesday (with a 1 day SLA).

  • Your carrier must be on our list of Approved Shipping Carriers for Goods Marketplace

  • Do NOT upload a tracking number for your order until the package has been picked up by your carrier.

  • Early/invalid tracking uploads will negatively impact your performance metrics and could lead to compliance fees being assessed.

  • Orders that do not have tracking uploaded after 7 business days will be automatically canceled.

  • Orders that are in 'partially shipped' status after 7 business days will be automatically canceled. 

Tracking Movement

  • Tracking needs to show movement within 1 business day of tracking upload.

  • Before your order can be processed for payment, your uploaded tracking information must show systemic MOVEMENT via an approved carrier. 

  • Orders NOT showing movement within 30 business days may be automatically refunded by Groupon.

Cycle Time

  • In order to maintain a positive Merchant Scorecard, merchants should have an average cycle time of 6 calendar days.

Ticket Response

  • Tickets created by the customer must be responded to within 1 business day.

  • Timely responses can indicate to the customer that you are willing to assist them.

  • Subsequent responses should take no longer than 1 business day.


  • Select a return policy that meets your needs and your ability to comply.

  • ‘Final Sale’ policies must still allow for refunds or replacements due to defective products or incorrect fulfillment.

  • In the case of a return, merchants must always provide their customers a return label. Merchants failing to comply with this policy may be subject to suspension or even account termination.