How to Create an Image Link

1. To create a link to your image, use or a similar webhosting site, to upload your product photo(s).

  • Do not resize any images, as it may distort them or cause them to become unreadable.

  • Make sure that images do not expire, and that they are set to public.


2. Once uploaded, copy the direct link URL option (a direct link URL will end in .jpg, .gif .pdf, or .png). Direct link means that the URL links directly the image, without any other elements on the page. This can be confirmed by going to the URL; if there is no information on the page except for the image (ie no other images, ads, etc), the URL is a direct link



Some merchants choose to use the Dropbox service to host their product images. Image URLs hosted by Dropbox must be in a specific format in order to be accepted by Gateway. This format links directly to the public image. If you are using Dropbox, be sure both of the below requirements are satisifed:


Additionally, be sure that the image is set to public, as Gateway will not accept password protected Dropbox images.




(URL doesn’t begin with “")


(URL doesn’t end with file format .jpg, .png, or .gif)


Dropbox Basic Users

As of March 15, 2017, Dropbox has converted all "public folders" into "standard folders" for Dropbox Basic users. This may cause outdated public links to your files to stop working. For details on these changes and how to share your files, please visit the 
Dropbox Help Center.