How to Fix a Bulk Upload Error

Diagnosing the Error

When uploading a product catalog for the first time, it is not uncommon for errors to be present. Please follow the following steps to ensure that those are resolved in time: 

1. First, ensure that an error(s) has occurred. Errors are denoted by a red cloud icon. A green cloud icon indicates that the file was accepted successfully.

2. If a red cloud icon is present, but there is no number in the upper right corner, that indicates that there is something wrong with the file itself. Please make sure you are saving the file as the correct .csv file type:

*tip: When re-saving your file, make sure that your UPCs are saved as text and not saved over in scientific notation.  

3. If a red cloud icon is present with a number in upper right corner, click on the cloud icon to download the error file.

4. Upon download, open the file and scroll to the far right [column DQ] to view the various errors in the file that need correction. 

5. Upon correction of all the errors, you may now re-import your file into Gateway. If all errors were addressed, the new file upload will be denoted with a green cloud icon.


List of Common Error Messages

Below is a list of error messages you may encounter while troubleshooting our Bulk Upload tool. Accompanying each error on this list is an explanation of the problem, as well as a solution to the issue.

Upon correction of these errors, you may now re-import your file into Gateway. If all errors were addressed, the new file upload will be denoted with a green cloud icon.

  • “Reference Price is not a number -or- Reference Price Type is not included in the list -or- Reference Price URL is invalid”

    • Problem: You are using an outdated Bulk Template

    • Solution: Please download your catalog or the Third Party Template from the Bulk Upload tool in Gateway to access the most updated template

  • “[Column Name] is too short (minimum is [x] characters)”

  • Problem: A value is needed for every item in your upload file for this column

  • Solution: Add a value for this column

  • “[Column Name]: [value] is not a valid Category ID. Please refer to the Category tab for available categories.”

    • Problem: The value you entered in this field is not a recognized Category ID.

    • Solution: Change your Category ID to match one of the valid categories

  • “[Column Name]: [value] is not valid for the Product Identifier type selected”

    • ProblemProduct Identifier Type is something other than UPC, EAN, ISBN 10, ISBN 13, ITF, or a blank cell.

    • Solution: Add a valid Product Identifier Type

  • “[Column Name]: Please refer to UPC formula to determine the correct 12th digit for this product”

    • Problem: The last digit in your Product Identifier (UPC) does not follow the check digit formula

    • Solution: Replace or add the last digit in your Product Identifier (UPC) value using a check digit calculator

  • “[Column Name]: This identifier has been used on another product in the Product Group. Each product must have a unique identifier number.”

  • “[Column Name]: [value] is not included in the list of accepted values: [list of accepted values]”

    • Problem: Field entry is not an accepted value

    • Solution: Replace with accepted value [a], [b], or [c]

  • “[Column Name]: Must be entered as either Yes or No.”

    • Problem: Field entry is not on the list of accepted values

    • Solution: Change the value to match the value Yes or No

  • “Country of Origin: Must be a valid 2 letter country code”

    • Problem: The Country of Origin code is not an accepted value

    • Solution: Replace County of Origin value with an accepted 2-digit country code.

  • “[Column Name]: Must be a fully formed, valid URL”

    • Problem: The URL in this field is not in an acceptable format

    • Solution: Add 'http://' or 'https://' to the beginning of the URL and test the URL to confirm that it is valid.

  • “Category ID: This category is no longer available for use. Please refer to the Category tab for available categories.”

    • Problem: Category ID value is not complete

    • Solution: Add a more specific Category ID value found on the list provided in the "Category ID" tab of the Bulk Upload Template

  • “[Column Name]: Attribute [Attribute name] and an associated attribute value are required for this category”

    • Problem: [Attribute name] needs to be present when creating products in this category

    • Solution: Add [attribute name] to the product row

  • “[Column Name]: [Attribute value] is not a valid value for [attribute name]. Please refer to the Attribute Values tab for available values.”

    • Problem: The attribute value entered is not valid for this attribute.

    • Solution: Add a valid value for attribute y. For a list of valid values, see the "Attribute Values" tab in the Bulk Upload Template.

  • “[Column Name]: [Attribute name] is not associated with the Category ID listed in Column A.”

    • Problem: The attribute name is not associated with this category

    • Solution: Remove attribute or change the value to a valid attribute name for the category, found in the "Attributes" tab in the Bulk Upload Template.


  • “[Column Name] [Attribute Name] has already been used for this product”

    • Problem: The attribute name has already been associated with this product

    • Solution: Remove attribute name & value from the file

  • “[Column Name]: This value can only be used once on the file”

    • Problem: There is a duplicate product-level identifying value in this product group, such as SKU

    • Solution: Change one of these values to differentiate it from the other products' values in the product group

  • “[Column Name]: Product with this SKU number could not be found”

    • Problem: Either you are trying to update an SKU that does not exist, or the Cost & Inventory template is being used to upload products when the Generic Template should be used.

    • Solution: Download and use the Generic Templatefor the bulk upload. Be sure to always use the most up-to-date template, as changes may have recently been made.

  • “[Column Name] is not a number”

    • Problem: Gateway does not recognize the character that is entered in this cell

    • Solution: Delete and re-enter the information contained in this cell

  • “[Column Name] must only contain letters, numbers, and the characters: .-,'!?:;()%/*@#{}$&~”

    • Problem: There are characters in this field that Gateway does not accept.

    • Solution: Delete any characters not listed above and replace them with accepted characters if necessary.

  • “All products selling together in a product group must have a unique combination set of distinguishing/variation attributes.”

    • Problem: There are no distinguishing attributes to differentiate products from one another within the group

    • Solution: Add at least one distinguishing attribute to each product in a group. Distinguishing attributes can be found on the "Attributes" tab of the Bulk Upload Template file.

  • “[Column Name]: Cost changes are not permitted when a Product Group is actively under contract”

    • Problem: A contract is active for this product group and has locked in Unit Price and Shipping Cost.

    • Solution: Try to make changes for this product group in the UI OR contact your buyer to end the contract, then propose a new contract once desired changes have been made.

  • “Maximum number of [Column Name] is [max]”

    • Problem: This column is not part of the columns included in the Bulk Upload Template

    • Solution: Remove column from the spreadsheet

  • “[Column Name]: [Attribute Value] is not a recognized value for this attribute. Please refer to the Attribute Values tab for available values.”

    • Problem: This column requires a value from a list of values. The value you have entered is close to the value, but not exact

    • Solution: Copy and paste one of the accepted values directly from the list of accepted values

  • “All products selling together in a product group must have the same attributes. Please apply missing [attribute name] and a corresponding attribute value to this product.”

    • Problem: Any attributes that are present for one product in a group must be present for all products in that group. At least one product in this group is missing an attribute.

    • Solution: Add the missing attribute to this product

  • “[Column Name]: Must be a valid currency amount”

    • Problem: The value in this column is not in currency format

    • Solution: Change this value to xx.xx format, so that there are no more than 2 numbers to the right of the decimal and there are no symbols present (ex: $).