Updating Tracking Information

Merchants cannot manually update their own tracking information on existing orders from within CommerceInterface. They will need to fill out the Tracking Update Form (linked here) for our Merchant Success Team to update on their behalf.

This means it’s imperative merchants do everything they can to avoid broken or inaccurate tracking uploads. However, in the situation that an order's tracking number does need to be changed, merchants will need to follow the steps outlined in this article. 

Avoiding Broken/Inaccurate Tracking

Broken or inaccurate tracking cause issues for merchants and their customers alike. That's why it's so important that merchants ensure all information is correct before uploading new orders into CommerceInterface. 

The most common cause for broken tracking is inaccurate Carrier Codes. Merchants should make sure they are using the correct Carrier Codes when completing the shipment_carrier field for each order.

Review our list of Approved Carrier codes. Save this file for your future reference.

Submitting Tracking Updates

1. Go to the Tracking Update Form (linked here):

2. Input the Line Item # ID for your order [Not the CI Line Item #]

"Line Item #" as listed in CommerceInterface.

"Line Item #" as listed on an exported order file (fulfillment_line_item column)

3. Input the Old Tracking Number and the New Tracking Number

  • Even if you are only updating the carrier, please still fill out the current tracking number in both the Old Tracking Number and New Tracking Number fields.

4. Select the Carrier Code from the Dropdown

Please reference our List of Supported Shipping Carriers.

5. Input the Quantity

6. Hit Submit

If the data you submitted is not accurate, your tracking update will not be processed. If you continue to notice the orders submitted on your dead tracking file, please submit a ticket here to troubleshoot with our Merchant Success Team.

If you are submitting a tracking update and your new tracking number has already shown delivered on the carrier's website, it is possible that your order will not get invoiced. Please provide additional comments as to why you are requesting a tracking update at all times. 

Note:  Dead Tracking Orders that are over 30 days old will not be updated, as those may have already been canceled and refunded to the customer.