In an effort to provide protect our customer's experience, Groupon closes deals with poor ratings.  Customers that leave a low rating are more likely to never shop on Groupon again so it is not just your deal that is impacted but all deals that these impacted customers would have bought in the future.

Therefore, Products with an average rating of 2.9 and below with 5 or more ratings can not come back online until improvements are made.

If your deal is paused due to low ratings do not un-pause it without first addressing the root cause of your low ratings. Before you un-pause the deal be sure to let your buyer know what improvements / changes you have made to ensure an improved customer experience going forward. If you un-pause a deal without discussing improvements with your buyer it will be rejected. If you relist a deal that is substantially the same as a deal which was paused / rejected due to low ratings without first discussing improvements / changes with your buyer you risk account suspension or termination.

*Groupon policies are subject to change and we reserve the right to pull a listing at any time in our sole discretion.