Product Description Guidelines

The guidelines below are recommendations that will increase Groupon’s potential to achieve:

  • More deals showing up in search engines

  • Deals ranking higher in search engines

  • Deals ranking higher for search phrases (keyword searches) on Groupon sites

Also See: Product Title Guidelines

Your product description must fully comply with our guidelines in order to clear our product screening process. Feel encouraged to reference this helpful list of best practices when creating a new product description. 

DOs of Product Description

  • Write a unique description of at least 100 words (max. 5000 characters)     
  • Use  2-3 phrases that describe your product or service best and that users would search for online when looking for your product (keywords)
  • Include "FAQs" for the product or service
  • Include a size table where applicable
  • Mention any relevant seasonal event or occasion that the service/product can make more convenient or more entertaining (gift idea for Mother’s Day/Christmas, outfit idea for Halloween, etc.)  We recommend removing seasonal gifting language after the occasion for non-seasonal items.
  • Choose clear consumer benefits (unique selling points) of the product/service, i.e. beauty deal to freshen up your look, weight set to help achieve fitness goals, etc.
  • Use bullet lists to summarize key features
  • Make descriptions easy to read and understand
  • Use common words
  • List possible variations ("Comes in small, medium ...."  etc.)
  • Start new sentences in product descriptions with capitalization, and use proper punctuation, grammar and avoid using misspelled words.
  • Include the ingredients and nutritional facts of all food products.
  • Include an ingredient list, nutritional facts, and if the product’s claims were evaluated by the FDA.
  • Describe the use/function of the product, as well as any differentiating features.
  • Include details such as warranty info (if applicable), height/weight, accessories, etc.
  • Include that customers must be 18 or older to purchase in All Sexual Wellness deals in the description. Please also see the Sexual Wellness Guidelines.
  • Include information for personalized items. Please see: Personalization and Gifting
  • Include blade length of knives. If it is greater than 4 inches, the description must state, “Product does not ship to New York state.

DON'Ts of Product Description

  • Use jargon/techno-babble
  • Make the description one huge block of text (not more than 4 sentences in 1 paragraph)
  • Stuff keywords - no more than 3 mentions of any individual phrase whenever possible
  • Copy and reuse text - write a unique description about each product or service deal offered
  • Include promotional text like "free shipping”
  • Use exclamation points or any other punctuation that isn't a comma, period, or colon.
  • Use html, links or embedded images.
  • Use words that are entirely capitalized or lowercase (except when branded as such).
  • Use rhetorical questions, vague or unsubstantiated claims, and references to other websites.
  • Include your website, phone number, or email in the product description.
  • Include information that is not specific to the product being listed (such as merchant information, shipping information, or ancient history factoids).