Phone Condition Grading

Caucasian man repairing mobile cell phone circuit board

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cell phone does not need to be brand-new to be fully functional. You may be able to meet the needs of a customer by listing refurbished model for a lower price, without forcing the customer to sacrifice any of the functionality they need. 

With that said, it's important that our customers and merchants are on the same page whenever an order is placed for a used electronic. "Used" or "refurbished" products have some potential for variance with regards to restoration quality, which is why we have developed a scale for "condition grading." 

We ask merchants to consult this scale below when listing a refurbished phone on Goods Marketplace. Your customer has access to this same criteria for reference when placing a purchase. Please determine which condition below best reflects your listing, and make sure to provide this designation in your listing. Deal listings that fail to comply with this grading scale may be removed from Groupon Goods Marketplace. 

New | Refurbished (A-Grade) | Refurbished (B-Grade) | Scratch & Dent

New iPhone in factory condition

Exactly what it says on the tin: a brand new, unused, unopened product.

  • Phone Conditionnew

  • What’s Included: any and all accessories typically provided by manufacturer, including headphones, user manual, and/or SIM card

  • Packaging: manufacturer packaging

Refurbished (A-Grade)

Refurbished (A-grade) mobile phones have been tested and certified by a third-party refurbisher according to four criteria: 1) functionality 2) cleaning 3) inspection 4) repackaging.

  • Phone Condition: like new (little to no wear)

  • What’s Included: generic charging cable and power adapter

  • Packaging: generic packaging

Refurbished (B-Grade)

iPhone B Grade Condition minor scuffs

Refurbished (B-grade) mobile phones arrive clean and free of water damage. Though free of cracks or dents, the phone will show light signs of wear.

  • Phone Condition: possible light blemishes on the screen; light scratches or scuffs on back of phone; possible scuff on LCD bezel (if no other signs of wear present) 

  • What’s Included: generic charging cable and power adapter

  • Packaging: generic packaging

Scratch & Dent

Samsung refurbished mobile cell phone with wear and scratches on exterior casing

Scratch & Dent cell phones are 100% functional and will arrive with a screen free of cracks. Signs of use will be evident, however.

  • Phone Condition: minor dings, dents, and possible smudging on front and back 

  • What’s Included: generic charging cable and power adapter

  • Packaging: generic packaging