Accessing Your Invoices

Finding Your Invoices 

Merchants can find their invoices in CommerceInterface under the “Remittance Center” tab on the left navigation bar. From here, you will find your invoices sorted out by the following categories: “Paid”, “Waiting For Payment”, “To Be Invoiced” and “Deductions.”

Find the individual invoice you’d like to access, then click the corresponding blue 20-digit number listed under “Groupon Inv. Number” to navigate to additional information on that invoice.

Invoices Broken Down by Product Group

After navigating to an individual invoice page by clicking its corresponding “Groupon Inv. Number” in CommerceInterface’s Remittance Center tab, you can even access the specific information for each individual product group. Do this by clicking the upward facing arrow icon to the left of each deal permalink. This will expand that individual deal for more information.

In the individual deal breakdowns, you will find every order fulfilled in that invoice period belonging to that product group. You can find valuable data here including shipping fees and sales tax.

Exporting Invoices 

Merchants can also download PDF’s of any individual invoice. First, navigate to the invoice you’d like to download by clicking its corresponding “Groupon Inv. Number” in CommerceInterface’s Remittance Center tab. From the invoice page, click the blue “Export Invoice” text listed to the right of the Invoice Number.

Once you export the invoice, wait a few moments, and then you should see a red alert bubble pop up over the Exports/Imports tab in CommerceInterface. Click the Exports/Imports tab, and from there you should be able to download your invoice in PDF format.

This PDF will contain a full breakdown of all orders fulfilled during this invoice period, and provide information including the Expected Payment Date, Invoice Number and FLI ID # for each individual order.