How to Issue a Refund 

1. Navigate to “Orders” tab in CommerceInterface.

Merchants can issue refunds to their customers in CommerceInterface. To begin this process, log onto CommerceInterface, then select the “Orders” tab on the left navigation bar. 

2. Find the order you plan to refund.

From the Orders page, use the “Search” tool at the upper-right corner of the page to find the order you would like to issue a refund for. You can sort by Order Status, Permalink, Tracking Number, or Order ID and more in order to filter for relevant order(s). 

Enter your desired information in the search fields, then click the blue Search button. Your Orders view will adjust to reflect your specified criteria. 

Once you have located the order you want to refund, click the Gear Icon at the right end of the corresponding row. This will take you to the Order Details page for that order.

3. Cancel order and issue refund.

From the Order Details page, find the "Action" column in the section labeled "Line Items".

Expand the drop-down menu and select "Return Item".  This will generate an additional prompt, asking you to confirm your decision. Select "Return Item LineItem".  Finally, you will be asked to determine how many units to refund (if greater than 1 was ordered) and provide the reason that you are issuing a refund. Select the appropriate reason from the options provided, then click "Apply."

You will be presented with eleven reason codes to choose form when refunding the order. Please see below for direction on when to use each of these reason codes.

Invalid Address

  • This code should be used when the customer's address is not a valid, confirmed US shipping address and/or is being rejected by your shipping software.
  • You can reach out to your customer via ticket to see if they are able to provide a corrected shipping address.

Incomplete Address

  • This code should be used if the customer's address is missing crucial information for successful delivery (ex. missing apartment/unit number).
  • You can reach out to your customer via ticket to see if they are able to provide a corrected shipping address

Unopen Return

  • This code should be used only when an item is returned to the sender (you) by your carrier. Please use "Customer Return" as the reason code for all customer returns (opened or unopened)

Customer Return

  • This code should be used if the customer has returned their product to you whether used or not.

Out-of-Stock / Vendor Shortage

  • If you are out of stock and have oversold, either of these reason codes should be used.
  • You should always double check your inventory in Gateway to ensure that inventory is set to zero if you are using this reason code to cancel orders. Please reference this support article for more information on maintaining inventory.

Outside Shipping Area

  • If a product is restricted in a certain state, and you receive an order for that product with a shipping address listing that restricted state, you should use this code.
  • If this code is being used, the fine print or product description for the product should note which states are restricted for shipment.

Request to Cancel

  • This reason code should only be used when the customer opens up a ticket with you requesting to cancel their order before it ships.
  • Under no circumstance should this reason code be used if the customer has not reached out to cancel their order.

Loss Package

  • If the order tracking is not showing movement, your carrier is unable to locate the shipment, and you are unable to reship the order, this reason code should be applied.

Location Closed

  • If your warehouse unexpectedly closed and you are uncertain when you will reopen and need to cancel an open order, please use this reason code.
  • If you have planned closures, you should manage your listings to take your closure dates into consideration and mitigate negative impacts to fulfillment and customer service. Please reference this article for best practices leading up to and during your closures.

Unable to Honor

  • If you are unable to fulfill an order for a reason other than any of the other offered reason codes, please use this reason code to cancel and then open up a support ticket to detail why you needed to cancel the order to ensure it is addressed properly.

Note, if you are cancelling an order prior to shipping/uploading tracking, you will be presented with only eight of these eleven reason code options:

Once you select your reason code and click "Apply," the order will be marked in the Goods Marketplace system to reflect this cancellation/refund.

If the customer has already been charged for the order, the refund will be issued by Groupon by the end of the day. This refund may take 7-10 business days to be processed by the customer's bank. If the merchant has already been paid for the order, the amount will be subtracted from their balance during the next payment period. Please see our Remittance Center guide for further details on how refunds are subtracted from your account.