If you reach an agreement with your customer to have an order returned, you may not ask the customer to ship the product back at their own cost. Per Goods Marketplace policy, it is your obligation to provide them with a return label. 

Attaching a Return Label

Return labels can be provided via the Customer Ticketing interface within Gateway. 

Navigate to the corresponding customer ticket for the order being returned, then click the “Attachments” tab next to “Messages” to use the Ticketing Portal’s attachment tool. 


You will not be able to select “Upload” on your attachment without also typing out an accompanying response in the text field. If you are still experiencing issues sending your reply, attempt writing your message out manually rather than copying-and-pasting.

Order Refunds/Returns Guidelines

  • You must honor the return policy listed on your deal page. It’s important to note that a FINAL SALE policy does not apply to products that are broken or defective.

  • You may not ask the customer to ship a product back at their own cost. Per Goods Marketplace policy, it is your obligation to provide the customer with a return label. 

  • If you choose to offer a return/refund on an order, financial reimbursement must be executed using CommerceInterface. However, keep in mind that taking action on CI will not automatically close your ticket on Gateway. Likewise, providing a your customer a return label will not automatically refund your order. 

For instructions on issuing a refund in CommerceInterface, see Issuing Refunds