Merchant Standards for

Customer Communication


Communication plays a vital role in customer experience. When responding to customer tickets, you are directly representing your business, as well as Goods Marketplace as a whole. We hold our merchants to a high standard when communicating with their customers.

Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Responses


Merchants unable to consistently meet Groupon Goods Marketplace’s standards for acceptable responses may have their account activity suspended, or even disabled entirely.


Acceptable Merchant Response

Unacceptable Merchant Response

  • Prompt (all replies within 24 business hours!)

  • Directly acknowledges the customer’s issue

  • Written clearly, using full sentences and correct spelling/grammar

  • Polite, kind and sympathetic

  • Properly honors listed return policies

  • Supplies a shipping label for returns

  • Provides specific, relevant evidence (screenshots, order tracking link, related quotations from product listing, etc.)

  • Ensures all customer questions are answered before marking ticket as “Resolved”

  • Late (any reply taking more than 24 business hours is considered late!)

  • Does not clearly address the customer’s issue

  • Single word responses

  • Requests customer ship item back without providing a return label

  • Difficult to understand, poor spelling/grammar

  • Impolite, using foul language

  • Fails to honor listed return policies (FINAL SALE does not apply to BROKEN/DEFECTIVE products!)

  • Fails to provide evidence for arguments regarding fulfillment, product expectations, etc.

  • Marks ticket “Resolved” without properly solving issue