Image Appears as a Spinning Circle

In Gateway's Single Product Creation tool, if your image upload appears as a grey spinning circle, your uploaded image file or linked image URL was not accepted by our system.

How to Resolve “Spinning Circle” Issue

  1. Begin by clearing all of your cookies and caches associated with Groupon, then log back into Gateway. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, as alternate browsers sometimes cause issues with our Product Creation tool.

  2. Review the images you intend to upload-- do they all meet our Product Image Requirements? This includes specific requirements for URL formatting, as well as file types, resolution and more.

  3. If you have confirmed that your images all meet our requirements, access the Edit Product Page and delete any remaining image uploads still marked with a grey spinning wheel icon. 


You can delete images this by hovering over the
image, and clicking the "X" as pictured above.

  1. Begin to re-upload your photos ONE BY ONE. That means you should not begin uploading an additional image until the previous one has uploaded COMPLETELY!

  1. Remember to assign at least one Product Group image, and one individual Product Image for each available variant of your deal.

Still having issues? Contact our Merchant Success Team!

If you have attempted all of the steps outlined above, and are still unable to upload images successfully on Gateway, open a new support ticket with our Merchant Success Team.

Set the ticket subject line to "RE: Image Upload - Spinning Circle". In the body of this ticket, please include the following:

  • A thorough description of your issue. 
  • Provide written confirmation that you have checked all of your images for full compliance with our Product Image Requirements
  • Finally, let our agents know which step of the troubleshooting above you were able to reach before you were able to proceed further.