Having trouble logging in?

Using the Correct Login Portal

Oftentimes, merchants experiencing issues logging in may simply be using the wrong login portal. Below, we’ve compiled the only three login portals you should ever have to use on Groupon Goods Marketplace.


Logging into Gateway

Gateway is the central hub for merchant activity on Groupon Goods Marketplace. From here, you can create your product catalog, manage inventory, edit your profile information, respond to customer tickets, and more.


Your Gateway login should match the primary email assigned to your merchant account. Check your inboxes for emails from Goods Marketplace if you’re not sure which email is associated.


Logging into CommerceInterface

CommerceInterface is your hub for order fulfillment, invoices, tracking uploads, refunds/cancellations, and more.  



Your CommerceInterface login information should match the login details used to login to Gateway, detailed above.



Logging into Merchant Success Center

The Merchant Success Center is a support portal used to manage communications from our Merchant Partners to our Goods Operations, Account Managers, and Goods Accounts Payables Teams. The support portal can also be used to view your Merchant Scorecard and our library of support content.




Your Gateway/CommerceInterface account user email is synced to the Merchant Success Center. We've already created an account for you on the portal, with the same email address associated with your Groupon Goods Gateway Account. 

To log in for the first time, use the "Forgot your Password" link to have a login email sent to your registered Goods Gateway Account email address, to establish a password for the support portal account. This will not affect or reset, your current Gateway/CommerceInterface password.