If your merchant account has been suspended, there are generally scorecard strike suspensions.

Below, we’ve provided information that will help you identify the reason for your suspension, and what course of action can be taken to restore activity to your account.

Scorecard Strike Suspensions

Merchants may have their account activity suspended for failure to meet our Goods Marketplace performance standardsYour Merchant Scorecard can be viewed online.

Appeal a Scorecard Strike Suspension

Scorecard Strike suspensions generally last 30 days, but you may be eligible to expedite the length of your suspension by submitting a plan for improved performance. To apply for suspension reinstatement, please use the form linked below.

(click here to access our "Suspension Reinstatement" application

Do NOT submit multiple applications for one suspension. Appeals may take up to 7 business days to process. 

Our team will contact you using the information you've provided to inform you of your appeal status. Groupon Goods Marketplace reserves the right to deny or approve any application for account reinstatement.