How to Reset Your Password



Reset Password in Gateway

You can reset your password for any of your users on the account at any time by going to the Profile page on Gateway, then navigating to the Users tab. Click "Resend" next to the account you want to reset.



Don't worry, this won't create a whole new account for you! Our system uses the same activation email to handle password resets. Check the box, and Click the text labeled "Resend", and you'll be asked to reset your password.


Reset Password in CommerceInterface

Currently, merchants cannot manually reset their own password for their CommerceInterface accounts. You will need the assistance of one of our Merchant Success Team agents.

If you’d like to change your password for your CommerceInterface account, create a new support ticket. Use the subject line “Reset my CommerceInterface Password”. Reach out from the email address associated with your merchant account. Our team will have a password rest link sent to your email account.