Order Refunds/Returns Guidelines 

Groupon Goods Marketplace has specific procedures for order refunds and returns as outlined in your Merchant Agreement. 

  • You MUST honor the return policy listed on your deal page. 
    It’s important to note that a FINAL SALE policy does not apply to products that are broken or defective.

  • You may NOT ask the customer to ship a product back at their own cost. 
    Per Goods Marketplace policy, it is your obligation to provide the customer with a return label.  

  • Partial quantity refunds are available after an order has been shipped.
    Less than full quantity refunds are available in CommerceInterface after an order has been shipped. When marking an order returned in CI, you will be prompted to provide the quantity being refunded. Note that the customer will only receive a refund of the shipping fee if the full quantity has been refunded.

  • Merchants may NOT in any circumstance request customer personal information such as customer PayPal account or billing address.

  • If you choose to offer a return/refund on an order, financial reimbursement must be executed using CommerceInterface. 
    Keep in mind that refunding the order in CI will not automatically close the customer ticket in Gateway. In addition, providing your customers with a return label will not automatically refund the order.  

Marketplace Return Policies

Groupon Goods Marketplace return policies are broken into either a "Free Returns" policy or a "Final Sale" policy and applied on a per-product basis. "Final Sale" product types can be referenced here. All other product types must offer "Free Returns". The option you choose will be reflected in the fine print of your product pages. To find out how to provide Return Shipping Labels, please refer to this article on how to upload them to customer tickets. 


Ultimately, the Fine Print on your product's deal page is the final word on both returns and other fulfillment responsibilities. There are no custom policies and no partial refunds. Your fulfillment obligations follow what is listed in the Fine Print.


Free Returns Policies


"Free Returns" policies allow for a free return up to 30 days from the date of delivery for any new or unused item. This means that whatever the reason, a customer may return the item for a refund within this period. The merchant will need to provide a return shipping label with tracking to facilitate this return, free of charge to the customer if they require the item to be returned. The customer is not required to attach a photo of the product in order to receive a return label.

Whenever you are setting up a returnable deal, in addition to saying "Free Returns", you will need to include the following language on your deal page:

"Excluding returns for product defects, a returned item must be in new or unused condition, with all original materials included with the shipment. Refunds will not be given for items returned that do not meet these requirements."

You must offer to return to the customer any item that does not meet the new or unused requirements. At a minimum, merchants must give customers 7 days' written notice to reclaim their items by providing the merchant a pre-paid shipping label. Merchants may also choose, at their discretion, to offer to ship the item back to the customer on their own account if that is easier. 


Final Sale Policies


A final sale/no returns option is available too. Product types that can be final sale are referenced hereThe merchant is not required to accept returns or offer refunds unless the item is defective or if the order is not correctly fulfilled. In these instances, the merchant will need to provide a return shipping label with tracking to facilitate this return, free of charge to the customer, if they require the item be returned in order to process a refund. 


All returns will be a full refund. At this time, Groupon Goods Marketplace does not offer partial refunds. 


If a customer requests a refund, they will open a ticket with you to initiate the process. It will be up to your discretion to determine eligibility for return. As a reminder, the customer is not required to attach a photo of the product in order to receive a return label. Once you approve a return, you must provide the customer with a return shipping label on the ticket. For instructions on issuing a refund in Commerce Interface, see Issuing Refunds.