Using the Reviews Page 

At the bottom of the Left-Hand Navigation menu is a link to the Reviews page in Gateway.

On the Reviews page, you can search for Groupon customer reviews by product UPC. To search, enter the 12-digit UPC in the search bar at the top of the page and click on the UPC filter option.

After selecting the UPC from the search filter, a list of all reviews created by Groupon customers who have purchased the product (verified reviews). At the top of the page is the overall rating for the product, along with the total number of reviews.

Each row is a different customer review. You can see the rating given, the name of the reviewer, and any comments about the product quality that they have provided.

By clicking on the "i" icon to the far right of the review, you can see full information about the review.

All reviews shown are by verified Groupon customers.