Shared Tracking Numbers

Sometimes a merchant may receive multiple orders from the same customer. If the addresses and names are IDENTICAL, merchants may ship these orders with the same tracking number. The order must meet the following criteria in order for you to use the same tracking number for multiple orders:

1. Orders are going to the same person and the same exact address.

2. Only orders that are not in a late status in CI qualify.

3. The oldest order is not aged more than 3 calendar days.

If you receive multiple orders from the same customer but the shipping addresses are not identical (including abbreviations and capitalization), you MUST ship these orders separately. Commerce Interface (CI) will not allow the same tracking number to be uploaded to more than one order if the shipping addresses are not identical.

You can use separate tracking in any instance if desired, but if so use a Parent tracking number (you can get this from your carrier) for each line item rather than the child tracking number.