Competitive Price Matching Services  

Competitive pricing is the process of selecting strategic price points to best take advantage of a product or service based market relative to the competition. Groupon will monitor the prices of products listed on key competitor websites that offer the same products you are offering through the Marketplace Service. 

If Groupon discovers one of the competitors is selling the same product as yours based on the UPC at a different price than your provided sell price, Groupon price matching service features can ensure your prices on Groupon Marketplace remain competitive with other websites. 

Price Bands 

The Price Bands automation will allow Groupon to automatically adjust merchant prices within the price band range based on publicly available competitor information Price Bands levels can be adjusted up or down at your discretion, between 0 - 100%. 

NOTE: To keep your account secure, only the Account Owners can adjust the Price Bands percentage from the Terms & Agreement tab of the account profile 

  • Price Bands levels can be adjusted up or down at your discretion between 0 - 100%. 

  • The Price Bands range is calculated using the Sell Price you have provided in Gateway, not site prices.

  • The Price Bands matching automation service will run once every 12 hours.

  • All price adjustments are rounded to the nearest dollar amounts. The minimum price band is $1.

  • If the Sell Price of the product is updated the system will reset to the newly inputted Sell Price until the next time the Price Bands matching automation service runs.

As detailed in your Merchant Agreement, All merchants are by default opted into “Price Bands” at the default range +/- 10%. To opt-out of the Price Bands matching automation service, the account owner should set the Price Band Percentage to ZERO.