It is a merchant's responsibility to manage their listings to take warehouse/holiday closures into consideration and mitigate negative impacts to fulfillment and customer service.

What dates does Groupon consider non-shipping days, you may ask! The below holidays are considered non-shipping days and are reflected in assigned due dates when orders are placed, as well as customer ticket response SLAs. 

  • New Year's Day, Jan 01, 2021
  • Memorial Day, May 31, 2021
  • Independence Day, Jul 05, 2021
  • Labor Day, Sep 06, 2021
  • Thanksgiving day, Nov 25, 2021
  • Christmas Eve, Dec 23, 2021
  • Christmas Day, Dec 24, 2021
  • New Year's Day, Jan 03, 2022

If any of your closures are not in the above list and will impact fulfillment, please ensure to follow the below: 

  • Zero out inventory in Gateway prior to your closure. For details on managing inventory in Gateway, see this support article.
  • All pending orders must be shipped with tracking uploaded prior to your closure.
  • Regardless of any closures, all customer tickets must be responded to within the standard 24hr SLA. This is to ensure your customer issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. For details on replying to customer tickets, see this support article
  • **Any issues/delays in fulfillment or customer service due to improperly managed closures will be reflected in your Merchant Performance Scorecard and can result in Non-compliance fees

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check the Marketplace Success Portal for helpful articles and FAQs.