Cause of “Duplicate Universal ID” Error 

In Excel, your Product Identifier will automatically be formatted in scientific notation. This means a value entered as “855031021476” becomes formatted as “8.55031E+11”

Since this formatting will be rejected by the Bulk Upload tool, you will need to change your Product ID cells into number format. Take the steps below, then re-upload to the Bulk Tool.

Resolving “Duplicate Universal ID” Error

1. Highlight all cells containing Product Identifiers.

2. Find the dropdown menu above your spreadsheet, in the section labeled “Number”

3. Open this menu and change the formatting for your highlighted Product Identifiers from “General” to “Number”.

4. Use the “Decrease Decimal” button below the formatting drop-down to decrease the number of decimal places to zero, giving you a whole number with no numbers following a decimal place. 

(example: 855031021476 instead of 855031021476.5452 ).          

If this does not resolve your error, try following the steps in the Leading 0's Disappearing