The Remittance Center (RC) in CI gives an overview of your fulfillment activity in the program. In order to access the RC, click on the icon in the left-hand menu called "Remittance Center". 

A screen will appear with a Summary box at the top, showing an overview of the last 2 months.

Below the Summary box, you are able to see a detailed account of all orders that have been paid, orders waiting for payment, orders that still need to be auto-invoiced and deductions. 

You can use the Search function in order to narrow down your orders.

Clicking on the PO Number will open the PO details in a new window:

NOTE: If you are a Dropship vendor, your information will be listed on a deal-level, not by order number. Use your PO number, opportunity ID, or permalink to search instead of the order number when looking for orders.

Exporting RC Information to Excel:

1. Click on the "Export" tab at the top of the page, next to the "Search" tab.

2. You will receive a notice at the top of the page that your download as been queued.

3. Once a red circle appears on the Import/Export icon in the left-hand navigation menu, your export is ready. Click on the icon.

4. You will be taken to the download page. Click on "Download" on the top listing in the downloads section.

5. Upon opening the Excel file, you will have access to all data on the Remittance Center page, in spreadsheet format.