We’ve implemented standards around EDI inventory updates. Please be sure to familiarize yourself and your team with these changes and make any needed adjustments. 

  • Only include SKU's in the 846 that currently need to have inventory updated (deltas only). Do not send SKU's that do not need to have inventory updated. There is an extra cost assessed on both ends when unnecessary data is transferred. 

  • Vendors who need to update inventory multiple times daily may do so, but should avoid including SKUs that do not need to be updated (only send deltas). 

  • Only include SKU's that live in Gateway. The 846 does not support CI deals and will not update inventory for those SKU's.

  • Make sure that the VN matches the SKU exactly as it is listed in Gateway. If they do not match inventory will not update. If you are using the UP (UPC) make sure it also correctly reflects the UPC listed in Gateway. 

Following these guidelines will ensure that all inventory updates run in a timely manner without disruptions for everyone. Please note that if we continue to receive unnecessary transmissions or extra SKU's with your 846, your EDI connection may be temporarily disconnected.