1. You will be notified by email every 4 hours if orders are dropped into Commerce Interface (CI). Orders dropped before 5 pm CST must be shipped by 5 pm CST the following business day. Anything that comes in after 5 pm CST will be considered as dropped into CI the following business day.

2. Once notified, you will have to log in and click on open orders on the Dashboard. Sample below:

3. From there click on "export" in the upper right corner and select orders.

4. A CSV file will be available under the "exports/imports" tab on the left and a little red "1" should appear notifying you of the file.

5. Once orders are shipped, enter tracking numbers into the tracking template. The fulfillment_line_item_id will match to an order number on the order file.

6. Import the tracking template back into CI by clicking the "Orders" tab on the left, then import in the upper right. Make sure everything imported in CSV format.