Attributes will show up in different places on the deal page, depending on whether or not the are Distinguishing or Supplementary and if they are different for multiple products.

Distinguishing Attributes

Distinguishing attributes differentiate products from one another and will show in the drop-down menu on the deal page.

In this example, Color and Size are different for each product, so they create drop-down menus.

Attributes that are the same for each option will not create drop-down menus. For example, "Medium" is listed as the Shoe Width for all products in the group, so it will not create a drop-down menu.

Distinguishing attributes are also added to the end of the Product Group Title to create Product Titles. For example, "Green", "6" and "Medium" would be added to the end of the Product Group Title "Riverberry 'Mila' Patent Chunky Heel Mary Jane Pumps" to create the product title "Riverberry 'Mila' Patent Chunky Heel Mary Jane Pumps Green 6 Medium".


Supplementary Attributes

Supplementary attributes are listed as bullet points under each product title along with product dimensions and product weight.

"Heel Height" is a supplementary attribute that is present for products in this group, so it appears as the bullet point "Heel Height: 3.25 inches".