If you are receiving the error “This identifier has been used on another product in the Product Group. Each product must have a unique identifier number.”, your Product Identifier may have incorrect formatting.

In Excel, your Product ID will automatically formatted in scientific notation (ex: 8.55031E+11 instead of 855031021476). Since this will be rejected by the bulk upload tool, you will need to change your Product ID cells into number format.

1. Highlight all cells containing Product IDs.

2. In the bar above your spreadsheet, change the formatting from “General” to “Number”.

Fig. 1 - Mac

Fig. 2 - PC

3. Use the button below the formatting drop-down to decrease the number of decimal places, giving you a whole number (ex: 855031021476)

Another reason that you may get a Product Identifier error is that your Product Identifier has leading 

0s, which are being removed automatically due to Excel formatting. (Ex: 009274937209 becomes 9274937209). In order to fix this, take the following steps.

1. Create a new column on the file

2. Enter “=TEXT(UPC Cell, “000000000000”), where UPC Cell is the name of the cell where your UPC has been entered.

3. Copy and “paste as values” the new column’s data

4. Rename the new column header with the old column header’s name

5. Delete old column

The TEXT formula will display the numeric values in the reference cell as text value in the next cell. The number of zeros in the second part of the formula determines how long the new cell’s sequence will be - 12 zeros for a 12-digit UPC, 13 zeros for a 13-digit UPC, etc.

If you are still having issues, please submit a Help Desk Ticket to contact your Account Manager.