Before we go over how to add attributes in bulk, here are some important things to note:

  • All products that are created must have at least one attribute value, even if it is the only product in a group
  • Some categories have particular attributes that are required in order to create products
  • If there is more than one product in a group, there must be at least one Distinguishing Attribute to tell the difference between products (eg different colors, different sizes)

1. Once all other information has been provided in the Bulk Upload Template, navigate to the end of the spreadsheet where the "Attribute Name" and "Attribute Value" columns are located. Here you will enter attributes for each product.

2. Click on the Attributes tab and search for the product category to see what attributes are available and which attributes are required for your product(s).

3. Enter the attribute(s) noted in the Attributes tab into the "Attribute Name" column that matches your product's row, either by copying/pasting or choosing from the dropdown provided. Each attribute should have it's own "Attribute Name" cell. For example, if there are the attributes "Men's Apparel Size" and "Color" that are required for a category, "Men's Apparel Size" would be entered under "Attribute 1 Name" and "Color" would be entered under "Attribute 2 Name".

4. Enter the corresponding attribute value for each attribute under the "Attribute Value" column that matches the products row. Each attribute value should have it's own "Attribute Value" cell. For example if the attribute names "Men's Apparel Size" and "Color" have already been provided as "Attribute 1 Name" and "Attribute 2 Name", then "Small" would be entered under "Attribute 1 Value" and "Green" would be entered under "Attribute 2 Value". If you are unsure what attribute values are accepted, reference the Attribute Values tab of the Bulk Upload file or use the drop-down provided to choose a valid attribute value.

5. Confirm that each product in each product group (designated by the Variation Grouping ID) has their own unique set of attribute values. For example, no two products both have "Green" and "Small" as their unique attribute value set.

For more information about Attributes and Deal Page Drop-Downs, see Attributes & Traits (Drop-Downs) Relationship.