1. Click on “Add Product Group” in the left-hand navigation menu.

2. Click inside the text box below “Which category describes your product?” and type in keywords pertaining to the category where your product fits.

3. Based on the category or categories that are shown, choose the category that best matches your product.

4. Upon providing a category, your product page will expand to allow you to provide information about your product. Fill in the appropriate information, noting that any required fields are marked with an asterisk. You will be able to return later and change the information on this page if you need to make edits or additions.

5. In order to enter a bullet point, click on the “Bullet Points” field, type your information and press the Enter key. Bullet points should be under 128 characters and include concise selling points of the product.

  • To edit a bullet point, click on the bullet point text, make changes, and press the Enter key
  • To delete a bullet point, click on the “x” to the right of added text

6. If you have a warranty associated with your products, enter the information in the warranty-related fields. All fields must be filled in order for the warranty to be part of the deal page. Once all fields are filled, click on the Warranty File button to upload an image of the warranty. For more information, see How to Enter Claimed Warranties.

If your products do not have a warranty, the section can be left blank.

7. Enter your Reference Price Link and Retail Site Link. The Reference Price Link is a site URL where the products can be purchased at the provided Reference Price (MSRP). The Retail Site Link is a site URL where your product is being sold by the brand or manufacturer, if available.

8. Create your products.

Option 1: If you have a product for every combination of attributes (example: you have the colors white and red in both sizes S/M and L/XL), enter your products' attributes using the drop down menus presented under the Products heading. You can either browse through the drop down options or begin to type in order to search for your desired value. Once selected, the attribute value will appear underneath the field.

Required attributes are marked with an asterisk. 

NOTEIf more than one value is entered for any of the attributes, multiple products will be created. For more information, see What are "products" and "product groups"?

If you only have one product in your product group, enter only the attribute(s) for that product and no additional products will be created.

For example, for a red shirt that is a size S/M, only enter Color: Red and Size: S/M

In order to remove an attribute value from your selection, hover over the oval attribute container and click on the “x” that appears to the right of the value, similar to the bullet points.

Option 2: If you do not have a product for every combination of attributes (example: you have the colors white in sizes S/M and X/XL, but you only have the color red in X/XL), click the "Add a Product" link below the product list information to add products to your group. You can then add attributes to the products using the "Edit" link and instructions below.

9. If you enter multiple values for distinguishing attributes, multiple products will be created below your attribute selections. Here you will enter any identifying information about your products, such as SKUModel numberProduct IDQuantity and Unit Price. Enter information according to the product attributes displayed on the left end of each line. 

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

NOTE: The Product ID is usually the UPC number associated with your product, but can also be EAN, ISBN, or ITF. As you type, your Product ID type will appear below the field.

10. Once your information has been entered, you will notice a red exclamation point symbol to the right of your cost. This indicates that you are required to enter more information before moving on in the product creation process. If you hover over the symbol, text will appear describing the missing information for the product.

In order to enter this information for one product at a time, click on the “Edit Details” link to the right of the symbol.

To edit more than one product at a time, select the checkboxes next to the product list (or the checkbox at the top of the list) and click the "Edit Selected" button.

11. A new screen will open, giving you the opportunity to enter more information about your product. Some fields will be carried over from the information entered on the previous screen and some will still need to be filled. Begin by entering the Shipping CostMAP (if applicable) and Reference Price (this correlates with the Reference Price Link you entered on the Basic Information tab). Unit price and quantity will already be present.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

12. Your product may have the option to add Distinguishing and Supplementary attributes. You should only have to add attributes here if you have added a product after completing the other products, or you didn't choose attributes on the Basic Information tab.

NOTE: Only add distinguishing attributes when editing product one at a time. If you are editing in bulk, no distinguishing attribute fields should be filled it.

13. Check the appropriate boxes if the product is LTL or contains hazardous material. If none of these apply, leave them blank.
14. Choose the country in which your product was manufactured by clicking on the “Country of Origin” field.


15. Choose the distance measurement unit you will be using for both product and package measurements by clicking on the “Dimension Unit” field. Then choose the weight unit you will be using for both product and package weight. Fill in the appropriate number for product and package measurements.

16. Once you have finished, click on the box at the bottom of the screen marked “OK” to apply.

17. You will be returned to the previous product information page. If all product details have been entered correctly and validated, the symbol which was previously a red exclamation point is now a grey checkmark. If you still have a red exclamation point, hover your mouse over it to see what fields were unfilled or not accepted and click again on the “Edit Product Details” page to enter any missing information. When you see a grey checkmark, click on the “Save & Continue” box at the bottom of the page to move on to the Images tab.