The Product Group ID, known in the bulk upload template as "Variation Grouping ID", is a group of letters and/or number that ties together the variations (unique options) of a product group (i.e. deal).

For UI product creation

The Product Group ID is an auto-populated field found at the top of the Products section of the Update Product Group page. This field does not need to be filled manually and will remain blank throughout your product creation, but will appear filled when re-visiting your product after creation.

For bulk upload

The Variation Grouping ID is created by the supplier. Any products that have the same value in this field will be grouped together as a product group. If this field is left blank, each line will be created as a separate deal and will not be linked together as a product group. The Variation Grouping ID can be a random combination of letters and numbers, the manufacturer model number of the product group, or can describe the product group that you are creating.


  • “Superior Egyptian Bathrobes” for different colors of the same bathrobe
  • “Men’s Wingtip Shoes” for different sizes of the same shoe
  • "WYNRK-20" for various colors of an item with the same manufacturer model number