If there is an attribute that you need to differentiate between products in a group, you can use a free text or custom attribute instead.

In the UI:

Free text: Free text attributes do not have a drop-down menu. Any value can be typed into the field.

Custom: Custom attributes have a drop-down menu associated with them, but also a free text field labeled as "custom". The drop-down value will not show on the deal page, only the value entered in the custom field.

In Bulk:

Free text: Free text attributes are designated by the value "Alphanumeric String, 20 character max". Once this value is chosen, it can be replaced with any value you would like to enter.

Free text attributes are marked with a 'Y' under the 'Allow Free Text?' column in the Attributes tab of the bulk upload template.

Custom: Custom attributes are marked in the Attributes tab with a Y under Can Be Custom?" (column E). Custom values require a value from the value list associated with the attribute, followed by // and the custom value. Only the custom value (after the //) will appear in the deal page drop-down.


For more information about Custom Color/Values, see Custom Color Guide.