Invoices and payment information are available for download on the Remittance Center tab in Commerce Interface

Click on the 'Remittance Center' tab on your left hand navigation. Here you will find details on all invoices, orders, and their statuses. 

Below the Summary box, you are able to see a detailed account of all orders that have been paid, orders waiting for payment, orders that still need to be auto-invoiced and deductions. 

There are two ways to export invoices and payment information.

I. PDF Format

  • Click on the hyperlink attached to the invoice number to view specific orders, their invoice date, Payment Due Date, and Amount to be invoiced.

  • Click on the 'Export Invoice' hyperlink next to the invoice number. 

  • Download PDF format on the exports/imports tab.

II. Excel Format 

  • On the remittance center tab, click on the Export > Export To Excel

  • Go to the Exports/Imports tab. Click the ‘Download’ hyperlink to download the file. 

  • The excel file will contain a summary of payments, invoices, deductions, and orders that have not shipped and cannot be paid. You will find specific line items and their status'.