Most of your 1P deals content would have been automatically migrated to your 3P account. To activate your 3P version of the deal simply add inventory or submit pricing for your deals. You can download a full list of your Marketplace deals and update pricing / inventory in bulk by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your 3P / Marketplace Gateway account,

  2. navigating to Bulk Uploads using the left hand navigation 

  3. Click the Price & Quantity button under the Select a file for export header

  4. Open the resulting file, set inventory, and confirm/update pricing then save

  5. Upload the saved file in Gateway still at the Bulk Uploads page

Following these steps will activate your 3P deals and at the same time deactivate the same associated 1P deals. 


If you have created deals in your 1P account after your deal content had been copied to your 3P account then you will need to manually move deals to your new account by following the steps below. Important Note: Activate any deals that were copied to your 3P account as described above prior to completing the below steps to avoid duplicating listings in your 3P account.


  1. Log into your Gateway Goods Flash / 1P account

  2. Navigate to your Bulk Upload page and click the Full Catalog button

  3. A new line for the Full Catalog export will appear further down the page 

  4. Once the file has finished processing click the resulting green cloud to download your current Marketplace catalog

  5. Log out of your Gateway Goods Flash / 1P account

  6. Open the downloaded Flash / 1P Full Catalog file and take the following actions:

  7. Delete rows for deals you do not want moved to your 3P account

    1. In Excel you can right click the row number on the left side and select the Delete option

  8. Delete columns A and B (by right clicking on the column letters and selecting Delete) 

  9. Insert a column after ‘Shipping Cost’, before ‘Reference Price’

    1. This will end up being your return policy. Enter ‘30-day return’ for each deal for now. This can be updated later.

  10. Delete column AD labeled ‘LTL Service’

  11. Save your file

  12. Log into your Gateway Goods 3P / Marketplace account

  13. Download your Third Party Generic Template here, and open

  14. Copy data from your First Party Full Catalog file to your Third Party Generic Template:

    1. Select all from your First Party Full Catalog file, and copy

    2. Right click in cell A2 of your Third Party Generic Template and select Paste Special

    3. Select Values and number formats click OK

    4. Double check that the headers pasted (now in Row 2 of your Third Party Generic Template) match the headers in Row 1 (seeing vendor instead of merchant is okay)

    5. Delete Row 2 of your Third Party Generic Template (that contained the pasted headers)

    6. Double check your inventory, price, shipping fields

    7. In your Third Party Generic Template click File then Save as

    8. In the save as pop up window change the Save as type: to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) then save

Upload your newly save First Party Generic Template here