If a customer reaches out because they entered the wrong address at checkout, you should work with them to manage the situation and hopefully resolve the issue. 

Note, the customer is given a window of time to update their address after their order is placed (before the order drops to Commerce Interface), so ultimately, the customer is responsible for making sure that their shipping address is correct when placing their order.

If you have not yet shipped the order:

  • You can go ahead and ship the order to the customer's new updated address
  • You can cancel the order and request that the customer place the order again with their correct shipping address

If you have already shipped the order:

  • If the order has not yet been delivered, reach out to your carrier to see if the package can be intercepted
  • At your discretion, you can reship the same order to the customer at their correct address - this is not required
  • If you cannot stop the shipment with the carrier, there is no further action required on your end