Understanding Your Quarterly Merchant Customer Experience Performance (MCEP) Review

The Quarterly Merchant Customer Experience Performance Review is an overall measure of the health and performance of your account on the Groupon Marketplace and is updated at the beginning of each new business quarter. The main difference between this quarterly scorecard and the standard weekly scorecard is their purpose. The purpose of the quarterly scorecard is to formally evaluate the performance of merchants with low customer experience scores relative to peers and make decisions about whether account suspension or termination is required. The purpose of the weekly scorecard is to provide merchants with regular data which they can use to understand where to focus their continuous improvement efforts. 

All active Goods Marketplace merchants on the Gateway platform who meet the contact requirements should receive an e-mail containing their Merchant Customer Experience Performance Review once a quarter. This email will be delivered to the primary email address associated with their account, and contain a full breakdown of your current standing, based on the metrics outlined below. 

Scorecard Metrics Breakdown

Scores will be reflective of merchant performance over the previous business quarter (approx. 90 days). Your metrics are measured and placed into 1 of 3 zones:


Score falls into top 5 deciles of merchants in the same size bracket (Score > D5 ;  i.e. rank within top 50%)


Score falls in between the 1st and the 5th deciles of merchants in the same size bracket (D1 < Score < D5 ; i.e. rank between 11% - 49%)


Score falls into bottom decile of merchants in the same size bracket (Score <D1 ; I.e. rank within bottom 10%)




Ratings & Reviews “Delta”

This score is the average number of rating points (on a 5 point scale)

above or below the category average ratings (e.g. apparel or consumer electronics) where you received your ratings. 

This is a customer indication of satisfaction with your products / service relative to your peers.

> 4.0 rating average across all deals 


Ratings delta > 0

Merchant CSAT Score

The rate of customers indicating satisfaction with their merchant’s customer service following a ticket being marked “Solved”. Calculated by total positive surveys over total surveys

MCSAT > 75%

Shipping Score

The shipping customer impact score takes 3 metrics into account: Late Upload %, Late Movement %, and Cycle Time.

For the purposes of this scorecard late upload is defined as uploading tracking >2 business days after receiving an order.

For the purposes of this scorecard late movement is defined as a tracking number not showing any movement scans after 2 business days after upload.

Cycle time is defined as total time between the order being placed and order being delivered.

Each of the 3 shipping metrics is assigned a 33% weighting of the overall shipping score. To ensure the magnitude of each category counts equally towards the overall score, a rank based index is created for each category before applying the equal weighting.

Late Upload < 2%

Late Movement < 3%

If your scorecard falls into the RED ZONE in any category, please take some time to review this helpful support article.