1. Ask for data

Your product catalog is unique and therefore the customer feedback on your products will be unique. Request your ratings / review data from Groupon by filling out this form. Once you have the data look into what customers are saying about your products and try to address root causes of low ratings.


  1. Think about the unique requirements of the product you are selling

Getting good ratings / reviews is largely a factor of managing customer expectations appropriately. For certain product categories, like apparel or refurbished electronics, this is easier said than done. However, by taking some small steps, like including a sizing chart in your product description or ensuring that your electronic grading details match those shown on Groupon you can avoid a lot of negative customer ratings. 


  1. Address slow shipping and poor shipping visibility 

As mentioned above, maintaining good deal ratings is about meeting expectations. Groupon customers largely do not expect 2 day shipping. However, they equally do not expect > 7 days from order to delivery. Also our customers are excited about their purchases and expect to be able to track them as they make their way across the country.


Here’s what you can do to meet these expectations and boost your ratings:

  • Upload working tracking numbers as soon after receiving the order as possible

  • Change carriers if you are experiencing frequent delays with pickups / movement 

  • Stock inventory in the US (and potentially in multiple locations)

  • Wait until inventory is in your warehouse before loading it on Groupon

  • State you average order to ship time in the deal description

  • Avoid adding high shipping charges to low cost deals


  1. Quickly respond to customer tickets

One of the common themes on poorly rated deals on Groupon customers complaining in their reviews about merchants taking too long to respond to their support tickets. Another common complaint is that merchants stall before providing return labels to customers. If you see these kinds of reviews appearing on your deals please review the best practice guides on responding to customer tickets.


  1. Stick to your strengths

If you are an expert apparel vendor but don’t have expertise selling consumer electronics, enter the new category slowly and respond to customer feedback quickly. Groupon cares about every 1 star rating that is received because these customers are more likely to never shop on Groupon again. For this reason, every quarter we look at which merchants received the lowest average ratings relative to their categories and review the accounts for potential suspension / termination. Therefore we suggest that you don’t put your business with Groupon at risk by selling in a category that you consistently get poor ratings in.