I Fell into the Red Zone -- What Should I Do? 

Improvement is the #1 goal of the Quarterly Merchant Customer Experience Performance Review. Below are links to support articles, that when utilized, will help you improve in the areas you may struggle in. 

Are you looking to improve your ratings and reviews score? Check out these 5 tips for how to improve your average product ratings on Groupon. Additionally, you can find other ratings and reviews support articles here, which explain the ratings and reviews policies, how ratings and reviews are collected, etc.

Are you looking to improve your merchant CSAT score? Check out our Customer Care Support articles. There you will find the customer ticketing guide, best practices for “acceptable” and “unacceptable” responses to customer tickets, etc.

Are you looking to improve your shipping performance score? Check out our SLA Standards for Merchant Performance.

Additional takeaways: Regularly reviewing your performance metrics is the best way to maintain good, consistent performance and catch any potential issues early on. You can check your Weekly Performance Scorecard to achieve this. Should you like to request additional data to isolate exactly where your performance is suffering please fill out the “MCEP Info Request Form and Groupon’s Operations Team can help to provide that information.