When and Where to Submit a Support Ticket

 If you cannot resolve your issue or question with one of our support articles found in the Merchant Success Portal, you will need to open a ticket here.

You can also find this page by selecting the "Contact Us" button on the Home page of the Merchant Success Portal.

Filling Out the Ticket Fields

"Subject" Field

Write a headline for your issue. 

"How can we assist you?" Field

It is very important that you select the most relevant option from the dropdown options (see below) to ensure that your ticket is routed to the correct team for the fastest resolution.

"Where can we assist you?" Field

Once you select one of the dropdown options, you will see another dropdown with specified topics that fall under your chosen option category. 

Again, it is very important to choose the option that is most relevant to you. For example, if you selected "Payment Issues" from the below dropdown, your ticket would be routed to our Accounts Payable Team. If you selected "NCCR/Chargebacks", your ticket would be routed to our Compliance team.

"Additional Information" Field

Please outline your issue as clearly and with as much detail as possible so that we can reach a resolution as quickly as possible. If needed, please attach any necessary files or images that may help explain your issue.

Response Time

You should receive a response to your ticket within two business days. Please do not submit multiple tickets for one issue.