Welcome to Groupon Goods Marketplace. By now you should have received your activation and welcome emails for you to access our systems. This checklist should help you feel better prepared to start earning with Groupon!

Getting Started

  • Read Welcome Email

  • Create login/password for Gateway (link provided in activation email ““Groupon Goods Gateway - Invitation to Join” expires after 24 hrs.)

  • Create a Support Account  utilize this Merchant Support portal to:

    • Access hundreds of support articles to assist you and your team with gaining familiarity with Groupon’s processes, systems, and troubleshooting

    • Submit a ticket for prompt resolutions on issues that may arise

  • Read Groupon’s SLA Policies and the Non-Compliance Fee Schedule

    • Please ensure that all procedures are being followed accurately. Being non-compliant in any of these areas reflects poorly on your performance and could result in action including but not limited to additional charges upto the suspension of your account.

Setting Up Your Gateway Account

  • Review the Gateway Account Setup Guide for detailed instructions on setting up your account

  • Successfully login to Gateway (Product creation and inventory management lives in Gateway)

  • Acknowledge & Sign Terms/Merchant Agreement (Profile >Terms and Agreement)

    • Be sure to click both on-screen checkboxes AND open the link labeled “Groupon Goods Marketplace Merchant Agreement" to read the agreement.

  • Enter Banking Detail (Profile > Payments)

    • If you experience an error saving Payment information, confirm your Legal Business provided for your account matches the Legal Business Name associated with your bank account. Reference Can't Save Payment Info

    • Legal Business Name MUST match exactly as it is shown on SS4 or on file with the IRS. Remember to use EXACT capitalization, punctuation, etc. 

  • Setup or Link Avalara Tax Information (Profile > Tax)

  • Review & Confirm Price Bands

Setting Up Your Commerce Interface Account

  • Successfully login to Commerce Interface (Payment and Order fulfillment live in Commerce Interface)

    • Login using same credentials used for your Gateway account

  • Integrate shipping software with Commerce Interface. You will be asked to input your Supplier ID to fully integrate

Creating Your 1st Groupon Goods Deal

  • Reference Single Product Upload for step-by-step tutorial on uploading products individually OR reference the Bulk Upload Guide for a step-by-step tutorial on uploading your catalog in bulk

    • Best Practice for using Bulk Upload template for the first time, only upload 1 product group/product at a time instead of the entire catalog.

  • Add available inventory to your deal

  • Await products to move from Pending status to Approved or Rejected

    • Please allow up to 48 hours for products to be reviewed by our screening team

    • If a product is rejected by the screening team, hover over the Rejection bubble for Rejection Reason. Reference How do I Fix a Rejected Product for a list of common rejection reasons, and instructions for fixing these issues. 

Order Fulfillment

Congratulations, you have received your first Groupon order!

Customer Tickets

  • A customer will contact you via Groupon’s ticketing system if they have any questions/concerns regarding their order. Please download Customer Ticketing Guide

    • Any new ticket or reply by a customer must receive a merchant response within 24 hours. Learn the function of Gateway’s different Ticket Reply Types to manage your customer tickets most effectively

Remittance Center (Payments)

  • Your first order was successfully delivered to the customer

    • Orders are invoiced weekly

      • Orders are not invoiced until there is a carrier scan on the package. Please note the following carrier status updates are NOT considered “In Route to Facility” and “USPS Awaiting Package”

    • Payments are processed/issued based on the net terms previously selected with your buyer

    • Review all invoicing details in your Remittance Center

      • The default page shows the last 31 days and you are only able to search 30 day windows to view data for previous months

  • Deductions/Chargebacks listed on Invoice

    • If you are unsure of the deductions on your invoice, please submit a ticket and select the appropriate contact reasons Compliance(NCCRs/Chargebacks) > Compliance Inquiry

  • You can access our Remittance Center Guide here

Additional Merchant Support Resources

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If you were unable to find what you were looking for above, there are plenty more resources available in our Merchant Support Library.