Products and Product Groups

Gateway breaks down your inventory into product groups and products. Put in simple terms, a product group refers to your deal listing on the Groupon Goods website, while a product refers to all available variations of that listing available on your deal page within a product group.


For example, let’s say you’re selling a “Plain Solid Color T-Shirt”, which comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors. 

  • Product Group would refer to your listing for a “Plain Solid Color T-Shirt”. 

  • Product would refer to each specific combination of size and color available for your listing, such as “Plain Solid Color T-Shirt (Small/Red)” or “Plain Solid Color T-Shirt (Large/White). 


In more technical terms, products are individual SKUs in a product group (i.e. deal). When products are created, unique attribute sets are provided to define them. For example, 4 products in a product group may have the attribute sets:

  • Blue/Small

  • Red/Small

  • Blue/Medium

  • Red/Medium


Though Gateway knows that they are separate products because they have unique SKUs, the unique attribute sets allow them to be listed on the deal page as separate purchasable options.