Accidental Damage Protection 

Some merchants may notice that after creating a deal in Gateway, the deal page for their product lists an option for customers to purchase an “Accidental Damage Protection” plan with their order.

If you’re surprised upon seeing this, there’s no reason to worry! This warranty is not being attributed to you, and there is no action needed on the merchant end. These optional “replacement plans” are being furnished by a third-party contracted by Groupon

If a customer purchases one of these plans, the cost of the plan will be paid to the supplier of the warranty. Likewise, if the customer needs to fulfill their warranty plan down the line due to accidental damage, it will be the obligation of the third-party supplying the warranty to refund the customer in full. Merchants will never be asked to refund a customer beyond the time outlined on your product's return policy.

A customer has contacted me about their warranty.

If a customer contacts you about a warranty attached to a purchase they made from you, please escalate their ticket onto Groupon Customer Service. It is not your obligation to perform any tasks related to this warranty.  Politely inform the customer that the warranty is handled by a third party, then select “Escalate” for your ticket response. 

How much does this cost me?

Nothing! You will be paid the usual total for your product. All transactions related to the warranty will not factor into your revenue or expenses.