Special Brand/Category Deals

Some products require pre-approval before they can go Live on our portal.

Products may fall into this category for a variety of reasons. These deals cannot be sold on Goods Marketplace unless the merchant/deal clears our application process. 

  • Restricted categories: these are entire categories of products, such as Diamonds or Gamming. Merchants need the approval to sell any product that falls within those categories.

  • Restricted brands: these are High-End brands (makes or manufacturers), that third-party merchant are restricted from selling on Goods Marketplace.

  • Restricted products: these are narrow product types, such as children’s toys containing lasers, that merchants need the approval to sell.

Special Brand/Category Deal Application

Goods Marketplace has an application form for merchants interested in receiving approval for these deals. The application consists of a few short questions that provide our product team with additional context on the deal and your merchant history. 

These applications can be completed at any time, and will be processed quarterly. 

Application Review Process

After our product team has finished reviewing your application, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your request was either approved or rejected. Until this decision is made, any related Deal Listings will remain in Rejected or Pending Review status.

No action can be taken to expedite this process beyond its quarterly operational cycle. Please keep in mind that creating duplicate applications, or following up regarding your application status via our support portal will not result in a faster review time. 

Applications for Special Brand/Category Deals will undergo review beginning on the third Thursday of each quarter. Any changes to your deal's activity status would take effect 1-2 weeks following these dates below: 

Special Deal Review Dates

Third Thursday of January
Third Thursday of April
Third Thursday of July
Third Thursday of October