Special Brand/Category Deals

As you may have seen on the news, Groupon is planning to exit the Goods consumer products business in North America by the third quarter of 2020. Please note that all merchants who already have approval for Special Brand Approval will continue to be able to sell those brands. 

At this time, no additional request will be reviewed to run “Approval Needed Product” on Groupon Goods Marketplace. Regardless of account details, or deal offerings; No product submission will be reviewed.

  • Restricted categories: these are entire categories of products, such as Diamonds or Gamming. Merchants need approval to sell any product that falls within those categories.

  • Restricted brands: these are High-End brands (makes or manufacturers), that third-party merchants are restricted from selling on Goods Marketplace.

  • Restricted products: these are narrow product types, such as children’s toys containing lasers, that merchants need the approval to sell.