Escalated Customer Tickets 

Sometimes it may seem that a new or on-going Customer Ticket can no longer be located in the Gateway "Tickets" portal. 


This generally indicates the ticket has been “escalated” to Groupon Customer Service due to merchant unresponsiveness-- but “Escalated” tickets can and should still be handled by merchants to avoid further penalty to their account.


This article will explain how to find your "Escalated" tickets, and how to avoid tickets becoming escalated in the first place. 



Avoiding Ticket Escalations

  • Whenever your customer sends you a message, you must provide a response within 24 hours. This includes new tickets AND existing unresolved tickets.

  • Failure to respond within this 24-hour timeframe will result in your ticket being "escalated" to Customer Service. When tickets are escalated, the result is often a refund being issued to the customer!

  • Understand the different types of ticket status and ticket reply options, and use them to your advantage. Review this related support article: "Replying to Customer Tickets"

  • Be sure you have "" whitelisted on the email client associated with your merchant account, so you don’t miss any notifications.


Finding "Escalated" Customer Tickets 

When a ticket does not receive a response within 24 hours, it is automatically escalated to Customer Service, who will attempt to assist the customer in your absence. 

Merchants can still add new replies to “Escalated” tickets, but must search “Escalated” In the Filters field to find them. 



Click here for a video walkthrough of how to find your Escalated tickets in Gateway.

Tickets escalated due to an unresponsive merchant often result in refunds, so make sure you check for "Escalated" tickets at least once a day, also!

Still can’t find your ticket?

If you still can’t find your ticket after using the “Escalated” filter in Gateway, please open a new ticket on the Merchant Success Support Portal, following the steps listed below:

  • Set the subject line to “RE: Gateway - Missing Customer Ticket” 

  • In the body of your ticket, provide as much of the following as possible…

    • The associated Order ID (beginning with “GG-...”)

    • The approximate date this ticket was last accessed

    • Supporting screenshots (related e-mails, ticket portal view, error messages, etc.)