Searching for Customer Tickets

Whether you’d like to quickly find all tickets still awaiting a reply, review archived tickets for record-keeping, find tickets that have been escalated to Groupon Customer Service, or track down tickets related to a specific order, the Tickets main page provides you with powerful tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Filtering by Ticket Status

On the Ticket's main page, you can use the default “Status” bubbles below the search bar to quickly filter your tickets down to only those belonging to the status selected.

Types of Ticket Status


Unread tickets, customer awaiting merchant response.


Active tickets, customer awaiting merchant response.


Active tickets, merchant awaiting customer response. Following 3 days with no further customer response, tickets will automatically become “Solved”. 


Use this if your ticket is not yet ready to be resolved, but do not want your ticket escalated to Customer Service. This hold expires after 4 days, or after a new customer reply-- whichever comes first.


When a ticket does not receive a response within 24 hours, it is automatically be escalated to Customer Service, who will attempt to assist the customer in your absence.

Merchants can still add new replies to “Escalated” tickets but must search “Escalated” In the Filters field to find them. Tickets escalated due to merchant unresponsiveness often result in refunds, so reply promptly to avoid!


The issue has been resolved. Following 21 days with no further customer response, tickets will automatically become “Closed”. 


Archived past tickets. Issue resolved, or the customer failed to respond in a reasonable timeframe. **Tickets in closed status for 30+ days will not be searchable in Gateway.

Search Options Within the Ticket List

On the Ticket main page, to search for a specific Ticket you can use the filter drop-down list selections. You can combine your search terms to create several potential search strategies *meaning you can search pending (escalated) or solved (escalated).

Reordering Your Ticket List

On the Ticket main page, you can easily sort your available tickets based on their current status, the date they were initially created, or the date they were last updated (meaning when a message was last sent by either the customer or merchant). 

You can achieve this by clicking any of the three corresponding column headers on your list of tickets. Click the header a second time to toggle between ascending/descending order.