How to Contact Your Customer

In some instances, merchants may need to initiate communication without waiting for a customer to open a ticket. In these situations, merchants can use the Gateway system to proactively open tickets with their customers after receiving an order.

Below you will find instructions for opening a customer ticket, as well as guidelines outlining situations appropriate for merchant-initiated contacts.


Opening a Ticket with Your Customer 

You can open a new ticket with your customer by navigating to the Tickets page on Gateway and clicking "Contact Customer" at the bottom of the page.


You will then be required to input a Support ID, designating the order your new ticket is regarding. This should match the Order ID as it’s listed in CommerceInterface, and begin with “GG-...".


Be sure to provide your customer with a subject line and details that clearly explain your reason for reaching out, as well as any steps needed on their end.


Once a ticket is created, all customer responses must receive a merchant reply within 1 business day. Any ticket with a customer should always comply fully with our Merchant Standards for Communication.


Appropriate Situations to Contact Your Customer

  • INVALID SHIPPING ADDRESS provided by a customer (missing suite #, unit, etc.). You can reach out to request additional address details so you can complete the order.
  • ISSUES WITH DELIVERY SCHEDULING affecting an order. You may inform your customer of potential delays to improve their customer experience. Keep in mind this will not excuse the merchant from usual SLA standards. 
  • ORDERS RETURNED TO SENDER are an appropriate situation to reach out to your customer and determine an appropriate course of action.
  • CANCELLATIONS DUE TO INVENTORY SHORTAGE can be followed by a message to your customer explaining why their order has been canceled. If you have alternate product options available, you can take this opportunity to let them know they are welcome to place a new order for one of your available options.


Inappropriate Situations to Contact Your Customer

  • ARRANGING A PRODUCT SUBSTITUTE in the case of an inventory shortage is NOT permissible merchant conduct. If you don't have the product your customer ordered in stock, you must cancel the order.
  • QUESTIONS re: CUSTOMER CANCELLATION are not permitted. If a customer cancels their order, merchants may NOT attempt to contact the customer asking why they canceled the order, or attempt to convince them to place another order, etc.