We have introduced a process that allows a Groupon Customer Service Agent to redirect Customer to the 3rd party merchant 

Typically, the customers ticket will be automatically routed to a merchant via the Gateway Portal once the customer has selected their Marketplace order in Groupon Contact Us. However, when that is not the case, and the customer reaches out to Groupon general support instead of the merchant, and we are unable to resolve the issue, the Groupon Agent will redirect the ticket to the  merchant and the customer issue will be shared directly with the merchant via the Gateway Portal.

Use Case Example: "A customer contacts Groupon about a Marketplace order but the solution to their Marketplace issue can only be resolved by the Merchant. By utilizing the new feature the customer information will be shared directly with the Merchant. The Customer will no longer need to log into another system or create another ticket;  this is a one-touch pathway to eliminate multiple customer contacts and improve the customer experience since their existing customer support contact is what will be migrated over to the Gateway Portal."